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Watson Microscope High Resolution
With Range Of Eyepieces And Objectives To Give Up To 10 X Magnification. Facility For Camera Attachment.
Item Ref: S8523-50
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Griffin Binocular Microscope
2 X Objective, 10 X Eye Pieces.
Item Ref: S8518-50
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Stuart Magnetic Stirrer
Item Ref: N5897-50
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Techne Water Bath With Dip Cooler
With Heater And Circulator.
Item Ref: R263C-50
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Denley Centrifuge Type B5400 To 6000 Rpm
Overall Dimensions 16' X 22' X 15' Tall
Item Ref: N6556-50
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Hereaus Digifuge Centrifuge
Currently Set Up For Multiple Tubes In Each Container.
Item Ref: N8768-50
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I E C Centra Centrifuge Type 3S
Speed Control Up To 15,000 Rpm. For Small Tubes And Vials. Fixtures Are Not Included, But Rotor Is Available.
Item Ref: S7541-50
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I.E.C. Lab Centrifuge Type Hn511
With Timer And Break.
Item Ref: S8780-50
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Jencon Multi Head Glass Blowing Torch
Single Head Also Available
Item Ref: S8408-50
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Atto Mini-Electrophoresis Power Supply
Model Sj1082 500 V 200 Ma With Timer
Item Ref: S8244-51
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Coutant Power Unit 240V In 0 To 50 Out
Item Ref: S9047-51
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Biorad Model 200/2.0 Power Supply
Max Power 1200 Watts. Two Channel
Item Ref: S8693-51
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