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Jencon Multi Head Glass Blowing Torch
Single Head Also Available
Item Ref: S8408-50
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Lab Jack Stands Various Sizes
300mm X 300mm Price Ú100. 230mm X 230mm Price Ú45. 200mm X 200mm Price Ú40. 165mm X 165mm Price Ú25. 140mm X 120mm Price Ú20.
Item Ref: S9238-50
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Steel Flammable Liquid Cabinet
460 mm Wide 460 mm Deep 900 mm High
Item Ref: S9554-49
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Quickfit Lab Glass
Item Ref: S9637-50
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Edwards Air Control Valves Model M3
Kpa X 100 Measuring 0-12. Twin Dial. Unused
Item Ref: S9877-50
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Al Lipstick Casts/Moulds
Cast Up To 100 Lipsticks. 363 X 90 X 55 mm High
Item Ref: S9969-50
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Nederman Mini Flexible Extractor Unit
Type 534 With Cartridge Type Air Filters
Item Ref: S10051-50
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Thomas Hill Test Tube Washer
With Brush
Item Ref: N9649-50
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Stainless Steel Ladels
115 mm Dia Scoop And Stainless Handle. 370 mm Long. 300 Ml
Item Ref: S9859-50
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Meiko S/S Washing Machine
Stainless Steel Machine With 5 Removable Baskets,Overall Size 760mm.Wide 1250mm High 600mm.Deep
Item Ref: S9143-50
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Rimer Alco Oasis Oxygen Concentrator
To Supply 0-1.5 Lpm. Machine No. D9719 310W 1 Ph Supply. Overall Size 480mm X 480mm X 550mm Tall. Mounted On Portable Base.
Item Ref: N8839-50
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Fison Fi Stream Cartridge De Ioniser
Item Ref: N8773-50
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