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20 L Stuart Scientific Hybridisation Oven/Shaker SI20H
Stainless Steel Chamber 280 mm x 260 mm x 250 mm tall with hinged access door  Temperature range +8 deg.c to 80 Deg.c
with rotation speed 2 to 10 rpm , 5 to 70 oscillations per minute with 350 watt 1 phase 240 volt supply.
Overall size 365 mm x 360 mm x 780 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12769-50
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50L Summerling S/S Incubator Oven

Stainless Steel Chamber 300mm x 440mm x 280mm high 1 phase, up to 50 Deg.C. overall size 460mm x 630mm x 640mm tall

Item Ref: N10844-50
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100L Nuaire Jktd Co2 Incubator
Water Jacketed Ir Autoflow Automatic Co2 Incubator. Internal Size 600 X 400 X 400mm Deep.
Item Ref: S9404-50
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100 L Incucell Incubator
With 2 Shelves. Digital. Internal Dimensions 530 X 530 X 360 mm Deep. External Dimensions 780 X 860 X 650 Deep.
Item Ref: S9768-50
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100L Heraeus Instruments Incubator Oven Type B6120
Stainless Steel Chamber 550 mm x 370 mm x 500 mm tall with one shelf 10 positions.
50 deg.c 0.36 kw  240 Volt 1 phase supply. overall size 900 mm x 640 mm x 720 mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12748-50
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126L Sanyo Co2 Incubator MIR-153
Chamber 620mm x 300mm x 500mm tall with 3 shelves.  1 Ph supply 173w.  R134A Gas.  70kg weight.  Range -10 to 50 deg.C. 
Item Ref: N10703-50
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160L Leec Incubator Oven
Stainless Steel 550mm X 600mm X 500mm Tall. Overall Size 640mm X 670mm X 970mm Tall
Item Ref: N10381-50
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200 L C02 Twin Compartment Incubator
Made By Nopco. Compartment 1 - 600 X 440 X 400 mm Deep, 2 - 600 X 440 X 400 mm Deep. Three Shelves. Overall Dimensions 1730 X 640 X 620 mm Deep. Stainless Steelinternals. Water Hackets To Each Compartment
Item Ref: S9763-50
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240L Sanyo Co2 Incubator MIR-253
Chamber 630mm x 280mm x 1100mm tall with 5 off shelves.  1 Ph supply 245W.  R134A Gas.  Temperature range -10 to 50 Deg.C.  Overall size 750mm x 600mm x 1615mm tall.
Item Ref: N10704-50
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500 L Leec Double Door Drying Cabinet
Internal Size 1100mm.Wide 660mm.High 600mm.Deep
Item Ref: N8483-50
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