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Nike 40 Ton Hydraulic Jack
With Pressure Gauge. Platform 230 X 95 mm. Overall Size 450 X 190 mm.
Item Ref: S9905-50
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30 Ton Hydraulic Press
With 120mm Dia Platerns With 200mm Stroke Hand Hydraulic With Dial Gauge Overall Size 340mm X 320mm X 640mm Tall
Item Ref: N9537-49
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Beckman 0-25 Ton Hand Hyd.Ring Press
80mm Dia Platen With 100mm Working Stroke.
Item Ref: N8669-50
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Apex Hydraulic Press 10 Ton
150mm X 150mm Platens Electrically Heated With 350mm Of Stroke. Overall Size 450mm X 400mm X 1030mm Tall
Item Ref: N10601-50
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Apex Hydraulic Press 10 Ton 300mm Square

Mild Steel Electrically Heated Platen Press with 300mm x 300mm platens with 320mm stroke Type 3010 PDR overall size 670mm x 700mm x 1000mm Tall  

Item Ref: N10865-50
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