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225L New General Purpose Oven 200 Deg C
nterior Dims H X W X D 555 X 910 X 610 M/M. Stainless Steel Interior Horizontal type with Double Door with 4 shelf positions, Supplied with 3 shelves. 1 Ph  about 2,250 Watts Heating & Fan Circulation. With External Powder Coated Finish for easy clean. With control as Standard by Direct Reading Hydraulic Controls from 0 to 200 Deg. C  Overall size H X W X D 885 mm X 1,065 mm X 750 mm.
Item Ref: ND-14173-50
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170L GMC Rapidaire Steam Oven 100 to 200°C
GMC Rapidaire Industrial Steam Oven designed for cooking vegetables, puddings, fruits, hams and other meats. Also known as a Humidity Cooker. The max humidity temperature for this oven is 100°C and the maximum temperature for roasting is 220°C. The steam ovens previous use was on on a food flavorings product. 

Technical Specs: 
Material: Stainless Steel 
Dimensions: Chamber 520 mm x 540mm x 660 mm
Capacity: 170L with 4 Shelves
Overall Dimensions: Height 1,550mm x Width 1,200mm x Length 900mm

Current Condition: Used - in good working condition 
Item Ref: ND-14190-50
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150L Morgan + Grundy S/S Hot Box
Stainless Steel Chamber 950mm X 280mm X 610mm Tall 1 Phase 600 Watt With Glass Access Doors.
Item Ref: N10609-50
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70 L Heraeus General Purpose Oven 300 Deg C Type UT6120
Stainless Steel Fan curculated chamber 550mm x 310mm x 525 mm two tray overall size 890mm x 650mm x 700mm tall
Item Ref: ND-11633-50
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30L S/S Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven Type OUA031.XX1.5 30 to 200 Deg.C
Stainless Steel Chamber 320mm x 300mm x 260 mm tall with 3 shelves with 1,000 Watt 1 phase supply overall size 420 mm x 630 mm x 430 mm tall  (safety thermostat +300 °C)
Machine number: SG 96/011/ 486
Item Ref: ND-12749-50
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7L Carbolite Purged Oven Type Mfs/1
Stainless Steel Chamber 185mm X 280mm X 25mm Deep 1 Phase 210 Deg.C With Nitrogen Purging Overall Size 485mm X 450mm X 185mm Tall
Item Ref: N8762-51
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60L Edwards High Vac Oven Model B
Alumium Chamber. Horizontally Mounted 380mm Dia 550mm Deep With Hinged Front Door With Sight Glass. Electrically Heated. Overall Size 500mm X 850mm X 650mm High.
Item Ref: N8824-50
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3L Gallenkamp Vac Oven
Two Tray Vacuum Oven. Chamber 170mm X 42mm X 525mm Deep. Horizontal Oven 1 Ph. Overall Size 300mm X 500mm X 320mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9612-50
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Carborlite Hoz Tube Furnace 1,200 Deg. C
Horizontally Mounted Modular Tube Furnace Type Ghc 12/1,200 Inside Dia 170mm X 1,200mm Long 7,000 Watt
Overall size 468mm X 1,430mm X 675mm Tall
Item Ref: N10371-50
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2L Wild Barfield Horizontal Furnace 1000 Deg.C

Horizontal furnace 190mm x 120mm x 500mm Deep. Hinged front access 5.5 Kw 3 phase 415 Volt

Item Ref: N10866-50
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Baird & Tatlock Tube Furnace 1050 Deg.C
Model Mi91 Tube Furnace With 50mm Dia X 350mm Long Chamber. 1 Ph. Supply. Overall Size 230mm X 350mm X 500mm Tall. Machine No Ah7086d
Item Ref: N9593-50
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10L Anderson Ashing Furnace 1400 Deg.C
Internal Size 165mm X 145mm X 450mm Deep. Horizontal Chamber 1 Ph. 6.7Kw. Overall Size 730mm X 730mm X 730mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9605-50
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