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Hereaus Quartz Melting Crucible 3'Dia
1 Ph 0.2 Kw
Item Ref: S4614-50
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Baird & Tatlock Tube Furnace 1050 Deg.C
Model Mi91 Tube Furnace With 50mm Dia X 350mm Long Chamber. 1 Ph. Supply. Overall Size 230mm X 350mm X 500mm Tall. Machine No Ah7086d
Item Ref: N9593-50
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2L Griffin Ashing Furnace 1200 Deg.C.
Internal Size 120mm X 100mm X 165mm Deep. Horizontal Chamber 1 Phase 7 Amp. Overall Size 420mm X 420mm X 710mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9606-50
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2L Wild Barfield Horizontal Furnace 1000 Deg.C

Horizontal furnace 190mm x 120mm x 500mm Deep. Hinged front access 5.5 Kw 3 phase 415 Volt

Item Ref: N10866-50
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2L Carbolite Furnace Type ESF 2 + PLD 1,200 Deg. C
Internal 150mm wide x 135mm  tall x 255mm deep with hinged access door with 1 phase 10.4 Amp.  Overall size 440mm x 510mm x 620mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12094-50
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Single Zone Tube Furnace 1250 Deg.C
Wild Barfield M93 Furnace. 50mm Dia Chamber X 550mm Long. Overall Size 300mm X 550mm X 350mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9175-50
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5L Amalgam Furnace 1000 Deg.C
Horizontal Furnace With Hinged Door Access 150mm X 100mm X 350mm Deep. Overall Size 500mm X 600mm X 650mm Tall. 1 Ph. 3Kw. Type M3.10.4.
Item Ref: N9170-50
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Carbolite Hoz Tube Furnace 1,200 Deg. C
Horizontally Mounted Modular Tube Furnace Type Vst12/600 Inside Dia 110mm X 600mm Long 3,000 Watt
Overall size 350mm X 750mm X 350mm Tall
Item Ref: N10370-50
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10L Anderson Ashing Furnace 1400 Deg.C
Internal Size 165mm X 145mm X 450mm Deep. Horizontal Chamber 1 Ph. 6.7Kw. Overall Size 730mm X 730mm X 730mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9605-50
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18Lt Muffle Furnace Brick Lined Electric
Internal Dimensions230 X 175 X 460mmhorizontal Chamber With Side Opening Door Temperature Approx 1000 C Overall Dimensions 610 X 760 X 710 mm Tall Unit Contained In Mild Steel Case.
Item Ref: S10030-50
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20L ML Horizontal Furnace 70 to 300 Deg. C
Internal size 220mm x 400mm x 220mm tall. 1 Phase 6 kW. 
Overall size 800mm x 720mm x 750mm tall mounted on a table to give overall height 1,680mm 
Item Ref: ND-12194-50
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Carborlite Hoz Tube Furnace 1,200 Deg. C
Horizontally Mounted Modular Tube Furnace Type Ghc 12/1,200 Inside Dia 170mm X 1,200mm Long 7,000 Watt
Overall size 468mm X 1,430mm X 675mm Tall
Item Ref: N10371-50
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