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Watson Microscope High Resolution
With Range Of Eyepieces And Objectives To Give Up To 10 X Magnification. Facility For Camera Attachment.
Item Ref: S8523-50
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Griffin Binocular Microscope
2 X Objective, 10 X Eye Pieces.
Item Ref: S8518-50
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Britex Microscope With Projector
4mm X 0.7. 16mm X 0.25. 25mm X 0.15. X 10 Units.
Item Ref: N9254-50
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Gray 540 Microscope X 10 Magnification
With Telescopic Stand
Item Ref: N9256-50
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Vickers Microscope Model M14/2
Objective X 3 - 0.1, X 10 - 0.25, X40 - 0.65, X 100 - 1.3.
Item Ref: N9258-50
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Leitz High Resolution Microscope
With Micro Manipulator And Light Source. Binocular Lens 10 X 60 Magnification With 4 Lens Turret And Top Light Facility
Item Ref: S9890-50
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Micro System 70 Microscope
Made By Watson Barnet. Serial.No. 153043. X 10, X 40, X 100 Magnification. Mains Voltage Illuminator. 180 mm X 280 mm X 390 mm Tall
Item Ref: S10027-50
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Reichert Microscope 12.5 X. 0-100.
Item Ref: N9675-50
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