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Fisons Fistreem Pre Deioniser
Item Ref: S9497-50
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Milli-Q Reagent Grade Water System
Unit Complete With Pump Andhousing For Four Cartridges. To Give A Flow Rate Of 1.5 Litres Per Min
Item Ref: S9527-50
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Foss 2200 Kjeltec Auto Distillation Unit
Overall Size 530mm X 430mm X 770mm Tall
Item Ref: N10603-50
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Bibby 4 Lph Glass Still
Electrically Heated By 3Kw Element 1 Ph. With Flow Control.
Item Ref: N9253-50
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Fi Streem 40 L Storage Tank On Stand
With Polythene Inner
Item Ref: S8259-50
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Buchi Rotary Evaporator 0.5 L
With Bath And Stand. Variable Speed.
Item Ref: S9751-50
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Elgastat Water Treatment Unit Model Vhp
For Ultrapure Water. Pressure 6 Bar. Serial No. Veo7385.
Item Ref: S9753-50
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1L Buchi Rotavapor Type R110
75W Motor Variable Speed Range Up To 220 Rpm. With Water Bath 1200W.
Item Ref: N9244-50
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Heidolph Rotary Evaporator 1 Lt
Type 51211 Vk 1 15.5 To 1 Ratio
Item Ref: S9291-50
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Milli-Q Plus Water System
1.5 L Per Minute. Ultra Pure Water On Cartridge System With Set Of New Cartridges. Overall Dimensions 430 X 300 X 510 mm High.
Item Ref: S9752-50
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1-2 L Buchi Rotavapor Type El131
With Heating Bath And Glassware
Item Ref: S9249-50
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Buchi Rotary Evaporator Type 471
With Assoicated Glassware Plus Spares
Item Ref: S9062-50
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