Lab Testing Measurement Liquid/Water analysis

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Products in Lab Testing Measurement Liquid/Water analysis 13 Items

Bio-Rad Electrophoresis Power Supply
Serial No 10562 3000 Xi
Item Ref: S7926-51
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Electrostatic Spray Field Tester
0 To 100 Kv Tester For Electrostatic Field In Spray Jet
Item Ref: S6770-51
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Elgastat Pure Water Meter Type C118
With Cylinder
Item Ref: S9392-50
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Micon Ultrafiltration Unit
Consisting Of Cell Dialysis Selector And Stainless Steel Reservoir
Item Ref: S9509-51
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Bibby Jet Power Pipette Plus
Item Ref: S9834-51
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Electrophoresis Power Unit
By Stogate
Item Ref: S9857-51
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Electrophoresis Power Supply
0 - 500 Dc Volts. 0 -N100 Dc Milliampeters. Main 240 Volt. 255 mm X 190 mm X 165 mm Tall. Made By Dce.
Item Ref: S10036-51
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Pullman Digitron digital Relative Humidity Meter Type 2020R
Air Temp -10 to +100 Deg.c Humidity 0-100% RH Thermocouple Model K -200 to +1,350 deg.c 
Item Ref: ND-12761-51
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Elga Reverse Osmosis Unit, 1 Phase
Type Pilot Ro2.
Item Ref: S8743-50
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Mettler Turbidity Meter Model Fsc 402
With Optical Controler
Item Ref: S9216-51
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Mihak Portable Conductivity Indicator
Model Mla Battery Operated With Extendable Probe On Cable Reel For Immersion Cell Range 0/1000 Cu Unused Designed For Testing Light Oil And Fuel Products For Build Up Of Electrostatic Charge When Pumped
Item Ref: S6660-51
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Metrohm 636 Titroprocessor
With 655 Dosimat & 635 Dosimat
Item Ref: S9255-51
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