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300L GRP Salt Spray Cabinet Type SF1

GRP Plastic chest chamber with hinged lid 700mm x 700mm x 550mm deep top overall size 1400mm x 910mm x 1000mm tall

Item Ref: N10815-51
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Pascal Test Sieve Shaker
To Suit Upto 200mm Dia Sieves With Variable Speed Control Plinth Mounted To Give Overall Size 600mm X 600mm X 1300mm Tall
Item Ref: N10600-51
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Townson Mercer -70 Viscosity Bath
For Determination Of Kinematic Viscosity At Low Temperatures With 200mmdia X450mm Dry Ice Flask Chamber Liquid Circulator Unit Has Two 70mm Top Connection For Product Overall Dimensions 370 X 620 X 750 mmtall.
Item Ref: S9172-51
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UCC CM20 6 Channel Hydraulic Particle Counter
Oil contamination Monitor Particle Counte 5 to 50 Microns test ever 4 min flow rate 2 to 25 LPM Stores 230 test Model 4 x P1663-5750 BV 84011C, with portable suit case overall 600 mm x 450mm x 250 mm deep
Item Ref: ND-11538-51
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15L Schott-Gerate - Camlab CT 060 Clear water bath and AVS350 Controller
Clear Perspex chamber 200 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm deep with temperature controller and stirrer to distribute heat.  With AVS 350  1 phase controller for agitation & flow with Schott-Gerate CT060 & AVS 350 
Item Ref: ND-12766-51
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Mettler Melting Point Instrument Fp 61
Item Ref: S9385-51
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Maxiland Mecmesin Multitester 2.5
Multi tester-D motorised tester.  Load measurement 2500nM 500mm of travel.  Speed range 2.5-750mm/min.
Item Ref: N10702-51
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Brabender Plastograph M/S

Mild Steel JKTD Sigma blade chamber 120mm x 80mm x 115mm with 0.37 Kw Geared Drive 0 to 200 Rpm

Item Ref: N10868-50
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Ferranti Viscometer Mod-Mvcylinder Set
Ferranti Viscometer Model Mv Nominal Fsd 60Gm.Cm 1 Ph Electric Supply To Be Supplied With Cylinder Kit To Give A Shear Range Of 8.73 To 133.8 With Multiplying Factor [ Scale In Poises] Of 0.316 To 1.231 Dial Range 0 To 100 All Supplied In Leather Bound Storage Box.
Item Ref: N9405-51
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Ametek Spectro Model Xepos 03 Rohs Spectrometer
with 12 place head X ray Fluorescence  Analyser with PC controller 
Item Ref: ND-14053-51
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Endecot Test Sieve Shaker
1 Ph With Timer Control. Overall Size 350mm X 1400mm Tall.,
Item Ref: N9604-51
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Sartorius Moisture Analyser Type MA35M
Max Weight 35G With 1 Mg Resolution. Temperature Range From 10 To 70 Deg.C Shows Repeatability [ average] 1g initial sample +_ 0.2%   5 g Initial  sample +- 0.05%% Moisture , % Total Solids In Weight.                         
Item Ref: ND-13857-51
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