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Thermo Lab Osprey Mr Dynex Analyzer
Plate Ladder Analyzer. Dispense Range 50-999 Uls With Plate Washer.
Item Ref: RC769-51
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Mini Instrumentsgeiger Counter Muller
Series 900
Item Ref: S9726-51
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Mechanical Tensile Testing Machine
Jacob Chuck Holding Device And Speed And Temp Control. With Calibrated Load Cells.
Item Ref: S10021-51
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Jenway Pom 7 Oxygen Meter
To Measure Dissolved Oxygen 200Mg Per Litre.
Item Ref: N9257-51
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Hybaid Omn - E Programmable Heater Unit
For 96 Mini Tubes. Digital For 5mm Dia X 22mmlong Mini Tubes.
Item Ref: S9867-51
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Houndsfield Mechanical Tensometer
Horizontal Type Hand Tensioning Operation With Set Of Beams To Pull Up To 5 Tons And Mercury Capillary Indicator.
Item Ref: RO415-51
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B & T Karl Fischer Manual Titrator
With Twin Electrodes. Unit With Pair Of Platignum Electrodes, End Point Indicator, Mag Stirrer. Overall Size 280mm X 310mm X 900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9658-51
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Superb Industrial Pressure Calibrator
Item Ref: N9677-51
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Hampden Soft Material Thickness Gauge
Model Fmt-1-4.
Item Ref: N9859-51
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Nexcelom Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counter
Needs Only 20Ul Of Sample, Less Than 30 Sec To Produce A Result, Live Cell Morphology Observation, View Result On Screen, Individual And Man Cell Size, Save Data, Images, Amd Report.
Item Ref: RC1157-51
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Avery Denison Rockware Hardness Tester
Type 6407. Scale To Bs891. 60Kg/100Kg/150Kg. Machine No. 32818
Item Ref: N8580-51
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Brabender Plastograph M/S

Mild Steel JKTD Sigma blade chamber 120mm x 80mm x 115mm with 0.37 Kw Geared Drive 0 to 200 Rpm

Item Ref: N10868-50
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