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10L Morton Gridlette Small S/S Cake Mix
Laboratory Size Gridlap Mixer 275 X 275 X 200 mm. Mechanical Tilt For Discharge Single Phase Drive
Item Ref: N5999-24
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10L Papenmeier High Speed Mixer Thk35
Stainless Steel Chamber With Mild Steel Jacket High Intensity Mixer 360mm Dia X 340mm Tall. Removable Lid. Tilt To Discharge With Direct Coupled 5/7Kw 710/1440 Rpm Drive Motor. Jacket 3 Bar W.P. Overall Size 1100mm X 1100mm X 1200mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9731-09
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10L Brogli Scrape Surface Mixer/ Turbo Homogeniser
Stainless Steel jacketed Scrap surface mixer with outer Scrape surface anchor inner off centre mounted spiral incorporator mixer and of centre mounted high shear colloid type mixer. mounted on a stainless steel frame with a raise lower stand to raise and lower  the bowl into position. Chamber working pressure -1 to +0.5 Bar Jacket +3 bar
Item Ref: ND-12789-09
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10L S/S Mixtruder S/S JKTD Z Blade Mixer 2.2 kW
Stainless Steel JKTD Sigma Z Blade Mixer 255 mm x 255 mm x 225 mm deep with 2.2 kW 35 to 50 Rpm drive extruder with 1.5 kW 50 Rpm drive.  Overall size 1,450 mm x 930 mm x 630 mm tall.
Item Ref: RBP-15-09
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12 L Kenwood Peerless Bowl Mixer Km 120
With Stainless Steel Bowl And Beater..37 Kw 3 Speed Drive,Bench Mounting
Item Ref: S9074-09
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15L Winkworth S/S Jktd Z Blade Mixer Flp
Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Mixer Chamber Size 255mm.X 255mm.X 200mm.Deep Pedestal Mounted,Tilting,Overall Size 970mm.X 660mm.X 1450mm.High,Flameproof Drive & Safety Switches
Item Ref: S9129-09
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20 L Baker Perkins S/S Jktd Z Blade
Stainless Steel Mixer With Electric Jacket.Chamber Size 285mm.X 230mm.X 250mm. Deep.1.1 Kw Geared Drive Unit 50 Rpm
Item Ref: S9127-09
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20 L Hobart Bowl Mixer, S/S
With Steel Stainless Bowl With Mixer Blade. Bowl 240 mm Dia X 340 mm Deep. Overall Size 800 mm X 460 mm X 1200 mm Tall
Item Ref: N8399-09
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20L S/S Petzholdt Um10 Mixer
Stainless Steel Chamber 310mm Dia X 250mm Deep With Bottom Side 50mm Dia Outlet With Under Driven Outer Anchor Paddle And Inner High Speed Shear Mixer With Removable Lid With Fixed Scraper Arm. Overall Size 1400mm X 1000mm X 1700mm Tall
Item Ref: N10405-09
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20 L Hobart A200 Change Pan Mixer
Stainless steel bowl 320mm Dia x 250mm Deep.  0.37 kW, 3 phase Raise lower with 3 position speed selector. On/off switch mounted onto side. Supplied with dough hook, wire whisk and general purpose paddle blade tool. Overall size 500mm x 610mm x 1,230mm tall.
Item Ref: ND-12017-09
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23 L M/S Beken Mixer Bowls
Mild Steel, Jacketed And On Wheels. 320 X 310 mm Deep. Overall Dimensions 610 X 400 X 520 mm High.
Item Ref: S9750-09
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36 L Winkworth S/S JKTD Vacuum Z-Blade Mixer
Model 16Z.Jacketed Stainless Steel Contact Parts,Chamber Size 410 X 410 X 360 M/M.2.2 Kw 115 Rpm Drive Jacket W.P.50 Psi Vacuum In Chamber.Handwheel Tilt
Item Ref: RC262-09
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