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250L M/S AMK Jktd Mixtruder

Mild Steel Jacketed Sigma Blade extruder model AMK U 250, chamber about 810 mm x 810 mm x 750 mm deep with approx. 200 mm dia auger extruder.  Overall size 3,000 mm x 2,000 mm x 2,250 mm tall weight 3,500 kgs.

Item Ref: RC1367-09
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250L M/S Morton Gridlette Mixer Gl55
Mild Steel Chamber Size 760mm X 685mm X 575mm Deep With Hinged Lid Driven By Two Speed Geared Drive Motor 12Kw/3Kw With Motorised Tilt Discharge Overall Size 2050mm X 1700mm X 1985mm Tall
Item Ref: N10009-09
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250L S/S Steelshaw Z Blade Mixer
Stainless Steel Z Blade Mixer 800mm X 780mm X 650mm Deep with Sigma Blades Motorised Tilt Discharge. 
Overall size 4,300mm X 1,900mm X 2,500mm Tall
Item Ref: N10417-09
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250L Niro Fielder S/S JKTD High Shear Mixer Granulator
Stainless Steel jacketed chamber about 1,000 mm dia x 600 mm deep, with bottom entry three bladed paddle and side entry cutter 7.5/11 kw
Item Ref: ND-12793-09
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250L M/S Jktd Lavino Z Blade Mixer
Mild Steel Jacketed. Naben Blade 760mm X 800mm X 700mm Deep With Gear Mechanical Tilt. 18.5Kw Gear Drive. 2500mm X 1700mm X 1700mm Tall
Item Ref: N8556-09
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Baker Perkins Continuous Jacketed Screw Mixer
Stainless Steel mild steel jacketed mixer extruder 200 mm dia x about 1,500 mm long feed screw  to 330 mm dia  about 2,200mm long second stage mixer - extruder with 18.5 kw 5 to 142 rpm overall size 812 mm x 5600 mm x 1,700 mm tall  
Item Ref: ND-12785-09
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350L Weldon Pin Mixer M/S
Mild Steel 810mm Dia X 1020mm Face With 510mmx 410mm Inlet With 50mm Bsp Outlet. Mounted With 800mm Ground Clearance With 7.5Kw Gear Drive 120 Rpm. Overall Size 2000mm X 1400mm X 1900mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9377-10
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350L S/S Steelshaw Hynetic Mill 30Kw Flp
Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket 800mm Dia X 760mm Deep Chamber With Kady Mill Homogeniser Head. Driven By 30Kw 2900 Rpm Flp Motor. Overall Size 1900mm X 1100mm X 1400mm.
Item Ref: N8656-12
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390 L S/S Heavy Duty Paddle Paste Mixer
Stainless Steel 910 Dia X 910 mm Face With Plough & Paddle Agitator Blades. Top With 125, 63 & 3 X 25 mm Bsp Inlets & 450 X 280 mm Manway With Bottom 100 mm Dia Outlet. Driven By 4 Kw 28 Rpm Gear Drive. Made By J.W. Welch.
Item Ref: N7831-09
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400L M/S Jktd B/Perkins Z Blade Mixer
Mild Steel Jacketed Sigma Z Blade 1025mm X 900mm X 750mm Deep. Bottom Discharge With 2 Off 150mm Outlets With 37Kw Flp Gear Drive. Overall Size 2700mm X 1800mm X 2500mm Tall.
Item Ref: N8999-09
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400L S/S Kady Mill
With 30Kw Drive. Stainless Steel With Mild Steel Jacket. 800mm Dia X 800mm Deep With A 215mm Dia Rotor Fitted With Pneumatic Lid.
Item Ref: RC758-12
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400L M/S E Claw Vac Mixer 15 kW
Mild Steel E-Claw Mixer Contra Rotation Mixer Chamber 1,080mm X 1,000mm X 750mm Deep with Radiused Lid to suit vacuum      Each blade driven by 18.5 kW  Geared Drive Motor.
Overall Size 2,800mm X 2,200mm X 2,400mm Tall        Weight 6,250 Kg.
Item Ref: N10000-09
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