Qvf Glass Coupling kits

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Qvf Backing Flanges Cf450
Item Ref: N9090A-63
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Coupling Kit Pte6 Ct. ..Ket
Item Ref: N9090E-64
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105mm Dia QVF Unequal Tee Pieces; PTU 4/1
105mm dia, D1 25mm, L 105mm, L1 180mm 
Item Ref: ND-12984-64
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100mm Dia QVF Unequal Tee Pieces; PTU 4/2
100mm dia, D1 50mm, L 125mm, L1 180mm
Item Ref: ND-12986-64
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100mm Dia QVF Unequal Tee Pieces; PTU 4/3
100mm dia, D1 80mm, L 140mm, L1 180mm
Item Ref: ND-12989-64
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100mm Dia QVF Reflux Divider; RDA/4
100mm Dia, D1 25mm, D2 25mm, L 255mm, L1 145mm, L2 95mm
Item Ref: ND-13119-64
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Coupling Kit Pte4 Ct. ..Ket
Item Ref: N9091F-64
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100mm dia QVF Equal Crosses; Px/4
100mm dia, L 250mm
Item Ref: ND-12966-64
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100mm Dia QVF Dip Pipe Adaptors; DP4/1
100mm Dia, D1 25mm, d 25mm, L 150m, L1 205mm 
Item Ref: ND-12967-64
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100mm QVF Dia Equal Cross; PX/4
 100mm Dia, L 180mm
Item Ref: ND-12957-64
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100mm QVF Unequal Tee Pieces; PTU 4/1.5
100mm dia, D1 40mm, L 120mm, L1 180mm
Item Ref: ND-12980-64
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80mm Dia Unequel tee pieces PTU 3/2
80mm Dia, D1 50mm, L 115mm, L1 125mm
Item Ref: ND-12969-64
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