Qvf Glass Heat Exchangers

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Products in Qvf Glass Heat Exchangers 14 Items

26 Sq.M Qvf Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Qvf Glass Shell & Tube Condenser Type Heat Exchanger Type Rgm/12/26/3 With 170 Tubes 12.4mm Od X 3900mm Long Mounted In 310mm Tube Shell With 230mm Dia One End Other 150mm Dia 50mm Dia. With Mild Steel End Caps To Give Three Pass Tubes With 80mm Dia In/Outlets Overall Size 4500mm X 800mm X 910mm
Item Ref: N10637-19
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2.5 Sq.M Qvf Heat Exchanger Heu9/24
Qvf Glass Chamber 230mm Dia X 790mm Tall
Item Ref: N10635-64
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11.1 Sq.M Qvf Glass Heat Exchanger He600
610 mm Diameter Top And Bottom Fittings Available At Extra Cost
Item Ref: N5973-19
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1.79 Sq.M. Qvf Glass Heat Exchr He6/15
Item Ref: ND-11885-64
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Qvf Immersion Heat Exchanger Type Hem6
Glass Heat Exchanger To Immerse In Vesselwith 1.5M.Sq Surface Area.
Item Ref: S9442-64
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1.39 Sq.M. Qvf Glass Heat Exchr He6/10
Item Ref: S7783-19
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0.5 Sq.M. Qvf Glass Heat Exchanger Hem9
Immersion Type Unit
Item Ref: S7801-19
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Qvf Jktd Pipe Section Dps 150/1000
Qvf Glass Heat Exchanger 0.475 Sq.M
Item Ref: N10652-64
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Qvf Condenser Heat Exchanger Type He2
Glass Heat Exchanger 50mm. Dia Connections 610 mm.Long-With 0.3M.Sq Surface Area.
Item Ref: S9444-64
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0.3 sq. m QVF Glass Heat Exchanger HE3
Item Ref: ND-12169-64
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0.3 QVF Glass Heat Exchanger HE2
Item Ref: ND-12171-64
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Qvf Jktd Pipe Section Dps 80/1000
Qvf Glass 0.25 Sq.M
Item Ref: N10651-64
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