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Products in Qvf Glass Miscellaneous 14 Items

150mm Dia QVF Pump Head
150mm Dia, D1 40mm, L 140mm
Item Ref: ND-13123-64
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100mm Dia QVF Short Dip Pipe Adaptors; DP 4/2
100mm Dia, D1 50mm, d 50mm, L 150mm, L1 205mm
Item Ref: ND-13034-64
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100 L Qvf Reactor Isomantle Jacket
Item Ref: S9221-64
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80mm Dia QVF Cyclones - Type B; CY5/D
80mm Dia, d 230mm, D1 80mm, D2 40mm, L 685mm, L1 255mm, L2 215
Item Ref: ND-13015-64
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Qvf Y Pipe Py50 2" Dia
Item Ref: N9467-64
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50mm Dia QVF Therometer Pockets; TP 2/1200
50mm dia, L 1200mm, L1 70mm, L2 150mm
Item Ref: ND-13002-64
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50mm Dia QVF Short Dip Pipe Adaptors; DP 2/1
50mm Dia, D1 25mm, d 25mm, L 90mm, L1 125mm
Item Ref: ND-13040-64
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40mm Dia QVF Glass Stirrers
 40mm Dia, D1 10mm, L 350mm
Item Ref: ND-13041-64
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40mm Dia QVF Straight Hose Connectors; PHC 40/26
40mm Dia, d 26mm, L 175mm
Item Ref: ND-13047-64
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40mm Dia QVF T-Ports - Full Bore; TST 1.5
40mm Dia, L 230mm, L1 215mm, L2 115mm
Item Ref: ND-13029-64
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Isomantle Flp Type Fpm/20Cir-Sp
1500 Watt 1 Phase With Space For Bottom Outlet
Item Ref: S9851-64
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Qvf Steam Heated Tube 50 Mm
2750 mm Long. 3 X 25 mm Connections.
Item Ref: S8723-20
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