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Edwards Vacuum Pump Type Rb5
Approx. 3 Cfm. 1 Ph. 0.18Kw 1420 Rpm. Overall Size 450mm X 200mm X 240mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9624-61
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Javac High Vacuum Pump B Series
Oil Filled Vacuum Pump. V-Belt Driven By 250 Watt Single Phase Motor. Suitable For -1 Micron Vacuum
Item Ref: S9822-61
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Jigtool High Vacuum Pump
Two Stage, V-Belt Driven By 0.25 Kw 1 Ph Motor
Item Ref: S9824-61
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Dry Vacuum Pump 0.25 Kw 1 Ph
19mm. Connections
Item Ref: S5471-61
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Leybold Heraeus Trivac Pump Type S43
0.37Kw Drive
Item Ref: S9227-61
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Alcatel Type 2008A 0.37Kw 110V
Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump
Item Ref: S9475-61
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Werie Rietchie Vacuum Pump type TLP25

Rotary pump duty 27 M.CU / Hr at 0.7 Bar with 19 mm dia In let & outlet monoblock pump with 0.8 kw 1440 rpm 3 ph motor drive overall size 460mm x 220mm x 270mm tall

Item Ref: N10894-36
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Precision Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump 150 L/M (5.3Cfm) 0.1 Micron. With Single Phase 1425 Motor V-Belt. Overall Size 400 X 300 X 300 mm High. Motor Size 1425 Single Phase.
Item Ref: S9904-61
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Edwards E240m Vac40 Two Stage
40 Cmh Two Stage Oil Filled Vacuum Pump. 25mm Connections 1.1 kW.
Overall size 250 X 700 X 420mm Tall. Machine No. 11473. Weight approx. 75 Kgs.
Item Ref: N9903-36
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Busch Vacuum Pump Type 040-138 1.1 Kw
Up To 40 Cu.M/Hr At 20Mbar.Monoblock Pump With 1.1 Kw 1440 Rpm Motor.
Item Ref: N8367-36
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Leybold Heraeus Pump Type Vp63 1.5 kW
Oil Filter Mono Block Pump 1.5 kW  1,440 rpm
Item Ref: N8581-36
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230 M.Cu/Hr Becker Vac/Blower 3Kw
330mm Dia Vacuum/Blower Fan With 50mm Dia Inlet/Outlet. Mono Block Design With 3Kw 2800Rpm Motor Type Sv5.250/2-74 230 M.Cu/Hr At 300 Mbar Vac. Machine No. E1231345.
Item Ref: N9302-36
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