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0.75 Kw 930 Rpm Axial Tube Mixer
Stainless Steel Mixer Flange Mounted 900 mm Long
Item Ref: S9676-03
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Rigal-Bennett Lab Shearhead Mixer 0.75Kw
With Stainless Steel General Purpose Head And Variable Speed 1 Phase Drive. Bench Mounting With Raise Lower Stand, Variable Speed Control,Extra For St/St Bowl, Bowl Clamp,And Safty Features To Your Requirments
Item Ref: S9811-03
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0.75 kw Lightnin Mixer Type HQ 75 A Mounted On Raise - Lower Stand
Pneumatically operated 0.75 kw 80 to about  800 Rpm with 25 mm dia shaft 910 mm long with 130 mm dia impeller mounted on a stainless steel Rasie lower stand 1,340 mm x 1,200 mm x 2,500 mm tall with 740 mm reach 1350 mm closed height with 1,400 mm of lift

Item Ref: ND-13613-03
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0.75 kw 106 RPM Euromixer Gear Drive Paddle Stirrer Type 2EM75
0.75 kw 106 RPM Hollow shafted geared motor flange mounted with 40 mm dia stainless steel shaft 2,460 mm long with two 500 mm swept dia paddles with 100 mm wide paddles

Item Ref: ND-13555-03
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0.75kw 6 RPM DE GOUWE B.V Paddle Stirrer
Key Features: 
- Stainless Steel 
- Manufactured by DE GOUWE B.V 
- 0.75kw 6 RPM Motor 
- Bolt Removable PTFE Paddles with Reinforced Stainless Steel Bars 

- Overall Dimensions; Dia 800mm x Height 650mm
- Paddle Dimensions; Blade Length 300mm, Shaft Length 350mm 
- Inlet Dimensions; Dia OD 235mm, ID 195mm, Height 90mm
Item Ref: ND-13774-03
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Flange Mounted Air Stirrer 0.57/1.1 Kw
With Gast 4 Am Motor. Shaft And Marine Propeller
Item Ref: S9863-03
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.55Kw Premier Flanged Mounted Mixer
3 Phase 120 R.P.M S/S Shaft And Paddles To Suit. Currently Fitted With 1100mm Long 460mm Wide Z Blade 1710mm Overall Length
Item Ref: S10066-03
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0.55 Kw 1440 Rpm Flp Stirrer
Stainless Steel Turbine Type Stirrer With Flameproof Drive
Item Ref: N3662-03
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0.55 Kw Lightnin Flange Mounted Stirrer
Flameproof. 400 Rpm With Packed Gland. 32 mm Dia. Shaft, 1000 mm Longin Stainless Steel. 250 mm Dia. Marine Impellor.
Item Ref: N7720-03
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Rigal-Bennett Paddle Stirrer .55Kw 18Rpm
Tefc Gear Drive.Length Of Shaft Up To 1200mm.Long.Flange Mounted Unit Used Gear Box.Unit Made By Electro Power.
Item Ref: N8461-03
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Holmes Speedy Agitator 500Ml To 5L
Clamp To Suit Tins 500Ml To 5L With Time Batch Control. Vibratory Agitator 1 Ph. Motor 700mm X 600mm X 700mm Tall.
Item Ref: N9854-03
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0.37 kw 1440 RPM S/D Flange Mounted Marine Stirrer
Stainless Steel Stirrer shaft 16 mm dia x 800 mm long with 100 mm Dia Marine Impeller with 0.37 kw 1440 rpm 1 phase drive motor.

Item Ref: ND-13318-03
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