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High Lift Mobile 280 Kilo Stirrer Crane -Type H28HC-63
Mild Steel Frame With Hand Hydraulic Raise - lower  Lift with Maximum Reach 1000 mm Reach. Travel of  Hook 1,450 mm. with 1250 mm gap. Maximum height 3,556 mm

Item Ref: ND-13549-03
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Fillworth Raise Lower Mixer Frame

Mild Steel Mixer Frame With Hand Hydraulic Raiser Lower To Give 1100mm Lift. Overall Size 980mm X 1000mm X 2200mm Closed Height 1700mm Open Height.3060mm

Item Ref: N10740-03
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80 kG Hydraulic Floor Mounter Raise - Lower Stirrer Crane
Mild steel frame 1,300 mm x 1,180 mm x 2,825 mm tall with tuning fork lift arms 840 mm long with 250 mm gap. Closed height 1,400 mm with 1,000 mm of lift. with Hand hydraulic lift [ motorised power pack can be offered at extra cost ]
Item Ref: ND-12465-03
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75Kg. Mobile Lifter
Foot/Hydraulic With 1300mm Lift And 1000mm Of Reach With Two Fixed And Two Swivel Wheels With Brakes. (Could Suit Shearhead Mixers Up To 4Kw)
Item Ref: N9496-37
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60Kg Raise/Lower Hoist
Made By Uk Lifters With 1400mm Of Lift Height, 500mm Reach. Trolley Mounted.
Item Ref: N10124-37
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Maelstrom Icv100 Inline Mixer 55 kW
Stainless Steel Maelstrom Icv100 Inline Ipm Production Mixer with 100mm Dia Twin Stage Rotor with Mech Seal Mounted on Bed Plate. Currently Bare Shafted. Requires 55 kW Drive Motor.
Overall Size 1,300mm X 1,250mm X 860mm Tall
Item Ref: N10446-03
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55 Kw Var.Spd. Flp Mixer 280-804 Rpm
At Present This Unit Is A Geared Motor Designed As A Stirrer Drive And The Mixing Parts Can Be Specified And The Price Then Quoted.
Item Ref: N6173-03
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55 kW 30 Rpm Stelzer Reactor Agitator
New & Unused 55 kW 30 Rpm Vertical down flange mounted.  SEW Type MC3PVSF08 Atex II Gearbox with ABB MK3P 250 SMa4  B5 motor on mild steel bell housing, with a burgman mechanical seal, 670 mm dia mount flange with Stainless Steel Shaft 80 mm dia 2,800 mm long.
Item Ref: ND-12424-03
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45 kW Silverson Duplex Disintegrator/Dissolver Mixer
Stainless Steel Slotted Head 310mm dia x 1,530mm long shafts - [needs about 45 to 55 kW 960 rpm motor.]
As Is price = Price without motor unit price with new motor
Item Ref: ND-12125-03
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45 kW Turello Turbine Mixer Tdh-100
Mild Steel Chrome Plated Stirrer Shaft Fitted with 350mm Dia Turbine Blade with 45 kW Belt Driven Variable Speed Drive Approx 120 to 400 rpm. With 1,200mm Dia X 960mm Deep Portable Mixer Tank with 63mm Dia Bottom Outlet. Overall Height 1,280mm. Mounted on Hydraulic Raise Lower Stand. Overall Size 1,200mm X3,100mm X 2,700mm Tall Closed Height with approx 1,200mm Of Lift.
Item Ref: RC1244-03
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45 kw Sawtooth Raise Lower Mixer with 2,000L mix Tank.
Mounted on mild steel frame to suit with hydraulic raise - lower frame fitted with  45 kw 1420 rpm belt drive with 1,600 mm long shaft fitted with 380 mm dia Sawtooth Dissolver blade. Overall size about  2,800 mm x 1,500 mm x 2,850 mm closed height  open about 4.250 mm
Stainless Steel mix chamber about 1450mm dai x 1,500mm deep overall height about 1,700 mm. [ currently has a fix speed Star delta control panel] for the serviced Unit price will supply with inverter variable speed controls

  1. Equipment Type: Sawtooth Raise Lower Mixer with a 2,000L mix tank.

  2. Components:

    • Mild Steel Frame: Mounted with hydraulic raise-lower mechanism.
    • Drive System: 45 kW, 1420 rpm belt drive with a 1,600 mm long shaft.
    • Blade: 380 mm diameter Sawtooth Dissolver blade.
    • Mix Tank: Stainless steel, approximately 1450 mm diameter x 1,500 mm deep.
  3. Dimensions:

    • Closed Height: Approximately 2,850 mm
    • Open Height: Approximately 4,250 mm
    • Overall Size: Approximately 2,800 mm x 1,500 mm
  4. Control System:

    • Currently equipped with a fixed-speed Star Delta control panel.
    • Optional upgrade to inverter variable speed controls for the serviced unit.
  5. Other Details:

    • The unit is designed for mixing applications, likely in industrial or manufacturing settings.
    • It provides flexibility in speed control with the option of upgrading to variable speed controls.
    • The stainless steel mix chamber indicates suitability for handling various substances and ease of cleaning.
    Equipment TypeSawtooth Raise Lower Mixer with 2,000L mix tank
    FrameMild steel frame mounted with hydraulic raise-lower mechanism
    Drive System45 kW, 1420 rpm belt drive with 1,600 mm long shaft
    Blade380 mm diameter Sawtooth Dissolver blade
    Mix TankStainless steel, approximately 1450 mm diameter x 1,500 mm deep
    DimensionsClosed Height: Approximately 2,850 mm<br> Open Height: Approximately 4,250 mm<br> Overall Size: Approximately 2,800 mm x 1,500 mm
    Control SystemCurrently equipped with a fixed-speed Star Delta control panel<br> Optional upgrade to inverter variable speed controls for the serviced unit
Item Ref: ND-14119-03
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45 Kw Silverson Shearhead Mixer
With Stainless Steel Shaft 3700 mm Long Fitted With 300 mm Dia General Purpose Shearhead With 2 Off Intermediate Impellor Blades Flange Mounted With 45 Kw 980 Rpm Motor Silverson Model Kx Machine No: 8Cm0049
Item Ref: N9068-03
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