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7.5 kW Rigal Bennett S/S Shearhead Mixer
7.5 kW  3 Phase 2,880 rpm General Purpose Shearhead 130mm dia.  Stainless Steel Contact Parts. Shaft length is 910mm.  Fitted with intermediate impeller.  Supplied with IBC Fork Lift Clamp Mounting Bridge.
Item Ref: N10466-03
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7.5 kW Rigal-Bennett Shearhead Mixer 3 Ph
Standard 3 Ph 2,880 Rpm Drive General Purpose Head 130mm.  Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts, Mounting Flange or Suspending Hook, Shaft Length 750mm.  But other lengths can be supplied.  New Mixer Head Fitted with used motor
Item Ref: S9812-03
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7.5 Kw Rigal Bennett S/Head Mixer Flp
Standard 3 Ph 2880 Rpm Drive,General Purpose Head 130mm Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts.Mounting Flange Or Suspending Hook.Shaft Length 750mm But Other Lengths Can Be Supplied.New Mixer Head Fitted With Used Motor
Item Ref: S9632-03
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7.5Kw 140 Rpm Pfaudler Stirrer Unit
Flange Mounted Vertical Down Gearbox Unit With Belt Driven Motor And Stainless Steel Shaft And Paddle Approx. 2000mm Long.
Item Ref: N8808-03
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7.5 Kw Variable Speed Flp Mixer 30-150 R
Mounted With Mild Steel Bell Housing With Packed Gland. 30 To 150 Rpm
Item Ref: N8235-03
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7.5 Kw Variable Speed Mixer 17-68 Rpm
Variable Gear Drive 17 - 68 Rpm. Stainless Steel Shaft To Suit Tank With 2 Off 650 mm Dia Paddles. Unit Suitable For Flange Mounting. Made By Eurodrive.
Item Ref: N8338-03
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7.5 Kw Rigal Bennett S/Head Mixer Flp
Standard 3 Ph 2880 Rpm Drive,General Purpose Head 130mm Dia Stainless Steel Contact Parts.Mounting With Suspending Hook.Shaft Length 750mm .Rigal Bennett Type :- EH75F-63
Item Ref: ND-13551-03
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7.5 kw Silverson Shearhead Mixer GX10
Stainless Steel flange mounted shaft length about 900 mm with intermediate impeller and high shear head.
Item Ref: ND-13982-03
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7.5 kw FLP Unshear Duplex Type Shearhead Mixer
Stainless Steel Duplex head 110 mm dia with 1,000 mm long shafts with aprox  7.5 kw 600 to 2880 rpm hand operated cone pulley  variable speed. Mounted on a mild steel raise lower frame 2,000 mm x 600 mm x 3,150 mm tall
Item Ref: ND-14047-03
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7.5 kW Fillworth Shearhead Mixer

Stainless Steel Shearhead Mixer with 1,000mm long shaft general purpose head 200mm dia  suspension hook mount type with 7.5 kW Exd variable speed motor approx 400 rpm to 1,200 rpm

Item Ref: N10739-03
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6.8 Kw 50 Rpm Flange Mounted Apv Stirrer
Flange Mounted Gearbox With Belt Drive Motor Bell Housing To Suit Seal With 63mm Dia Shaft.3600mm.Long To A Four Bladed Angle Paddle
Item Ref: N8042-03
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6 kW 1,440 rpm Fluko-Kottoff S/S Mixer
Type Ms-3 with stainless steel shaft length 580mm with Ultra Turrax Type Stator and Rotor 140mm dia hook mounted.
Item Ref: N9891-03
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